Gallery 5: Figurative and Narrative

A View Past a PearA View Past an EggplantDouble LandscapeConstructed PespectivesBirthday WishOut on a LimbBorderlinePrecarious PathConundrumDeceiving ProfileSuspended IncubationDeconstructing BoundariesThree TwistersEggscapes #2Still Life with EggshellsStrataUnlikely DuplexNest HatCircling AirshipsContemplatingCrouchingDefining SpaceRecliningRed SackSearchingAdriftEquilibrium #1Detail 1: Equilibrium #1Detail 2: Equilibrium #1Fragile Field of Chance #1Fragile Field of Chance #2Black HoleGraf ZeppelinHovering Melon-like GourdMidnight Melon/Dusk MelonRed Melon on StiltsRising RoosterThresholdYellow ChairThe Next RoomWithin ReachUnravelling